Our continued commitment to your exceptional quality stairs...

Photo of stairs under construction in our Railmaster manufacturing facilicy.

Custom fabricated...

We custom build your stairs to fit your home precisely in our temperature controlled shop.

The right equipment.

The right equipment...

Having the right tools and equipment on-site allows us to fabricate parts that many others simply cannot do.

Photo of beautiful natural wood of a finished railing.

Finest materials...

We hand select the highest grade wood; always kiln dried. We pay special attention to the direction of the wood grain on all parts.

For our basement stairs, we use a combination of kiln dried pine and ply to ensure the stairs maintain their integrity in the basement environment.

Photo of solid stringers.

Exceptional attention to detail...

1-3/8" solid stringer; other stair builders use plywood stringers with veneer on wood stairs.

Photo of risers glued and screwed to back of treads.

Risers are always glued and screwed to back of treads. Other companies use glue only.

Photo of our Standard Newel Post in comparison to our competitor's.

Our standard newel post is 3.5". Many other companies have 3" or smaller standard newel posts. Our posts are solid wood, not panel wrapped pine or hollow posts.

Photo of Mitred corners.

Corners are always mitred. Other companies often use butt-joints.

We only use mitred tread returns.

Photo of cove mouldings.

We finish with cove mouldings.

Photo of Anti-squeak blocks.

Strong and quiet...

We reinforce each step with anti-squeak blocks to ensure quiet comfort.

Bottom risers are further reinforced.

Photo of an employee sanding a stair.

Exquisitely finished...

Everything leaves our shop sanded and finish ready.

Photo of employees preparing stairs for transport.

Careful, safe delivery...

We carefully wrap your finished hardwood stairs before transporting to the job site to better protect your investment during construction.

Photo of finished railings in a home.

Professional installation...

Our professional installers specialize in stairs or railings.


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